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Chimney Sweeping

We offer the most competitive chimney cleaning prices in Gauteng. Our chimney sweeps are faster and cheaper than other companies as we have the propper tools and consumables to get the job done fast.

Single Story Chimney


Single story chimney sweep in JHB and surrounds

  • Chimney Swept
  • Cresote Removed

Double Story Chimney


Double story chimney sweep in JHB and surrounds

  • Chimney Swept
  • Cresote Removed

Pizza Oven


Commercial pizza oven chimney sweep in JHB and surrounds

  • Chimney Swept
  • Cresote Removed

Please note: we do not service or clean anthracite heaters. Petrol charge may apply outside Johannesburg and surrounds.

Chimney Sweep Specialists
in Gauteng

With us your annual chimney sweep will be the minutest of your worries, we do a brisk and thorough chimney cleaning at an economical price. We use a leading-edge chimney sweeping system imported transoceanically. Antique systems such as wire brushes are less effective with today's contemporary fireplaces and flues. They generally take twice as long and are more costly than the amount of time they take to complete and the labor included when attempting to push those huge brushes around 90-degree bends in many of today's chimney flues. They are incapable of doing full chimney sweeps because of the curvatures of these modern flues. We clean around every nook and cranny with our system and make sure that your chimney is devoid of soot.

When to sweep your chimney? To keep your fireplace functional throughout the year, it is best to do an annual chimney sweep. This will ensure that your fireplace and chimney flue remains in sound working order, discarding the soot from the preceding year and getting it organized for the expected year's warm evenings by the fire. We service indoor and outdoor chimney places and flues. We service the whole of Gauteng, Including chimney sweep Randburg, chimney sweep Sandton and chimney sweep Midrand. Some common causes of a blocked chimney are...

We remove any foreign materials from the flue including debris and bird nests, we can also bird-proof the chimney flue during the chimney sweep to make certain that no birds make a home in your chimney flue.

We offer great service and get the job done right, the first time. Get in touch on 067 103 0999 or send us an email at

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We offer a fixed price for a chimney cleaning, all inclusive of materials, tools, and labor used during the process, no matter the length of time the chimney cleaning would take to complete. Carpeting is still a big trend in South Africa for living and lounging rooms. One of the homeowner's biggest worries is that during a chimney sweep their carpets and rugs will be ruined during the chimney cleaning process as a result of soot exiting from the fireplace below. With us, this need not be a concern. We cover the fireplace opening completely and layer sheeting beneath and work very carefully to make sure that no soot leaves the fireplace. Carpets and rugs are not an issue with us.

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