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When to Sweep Your Chimney
in South Africa

In South Africa it's best to sweep your chimney every second year.

The question of when to sweep a chimney can be a difficult one if you have recently moved into a new home and do not know when last the chimney was swept. Its recommened that a when moving into a new home that you have the chimney swept in the case that the last owner did not use the fire place for some time as there might be foreign objects in the flue, as birds find chimney flues quite a comfortable place to make their nests and raise their young. This is an ongoing issue thaat can be resolved with the sweeping of the chimney before use.

If you have never had a fire place in your home and are now faced with the chore of maintaining the chimney you can be rest assured that we are ready and abled to asses and complete this service for you. We make owning a home with a chimney a hassle free accessory. We are able to service all chimney types in Gauteng, all those bends are no problem for us. Its a lovely luxury to be able to have a beautiful fireplace in your home, you can enjoy all the benefits and we'll take care of the nitty gritty.

Those of you who have had fireplaces for years and years and use it by the year know that a yearly chimney cleaning is best to keep your chimney running at full capacity. One always needs to be aware of the risks when not maintaining a chimney flue, such as smoke inhalation which can cause an array of health issues. Just like leaving your lawn to grow into a field can create risks such as tick bites and tick breeding for your pets so also can not cleaning your chimney can create risks for you and your family.

It is also good to note that one doesnt always know what the cause of a blocked chimney could be, a deceased bird or animal in your chimney can be very unhygenic. The more narrow the path for the smoke to escape the smaller your fire will become. Thus, keeping your chimney running smoothly is the best path to take will an annual chimney cleaning. We can assist you with all your chimney cleaning needs at a competitive price in all the suburbs in Johanneburg.

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